Filippos Tsitsopoulos / The mask and the unveiled

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Filippos Tsitsopoulos / The mask and the unveiled

4th April

The mask and the unveiled

Filippos Tsitsopoulos performing.

Filippos Tsitsopoulos presents his performative work. He is constructing a system of works, “as independent ways of thought and reflection on concepts derived from the new visual live theater and painting. Conflicts, standing upon and beyond human soul and awareness of fate, are the subject of Tsitsopoulos who, based on a theatrical background, responds to these issues with video performance and photography. Attempt to dress and undress the "face", stripping the expression on it. Filippos Tsitsopoulos is projecting videos with talking figures singing madrigal lyrics and cut up technique with theatrical texts. In other words, he is dressing up the portraits and his self with feelings, music, sound and theatre, creating a parallel universal performative story of each one of these portrait paintings. The skin and the matter as a binder of the image and of the human face’s feelings and manifestation. A constant interlacing feast. In the same way that Arcimboldo makes a dress for the human face that is nothing but the very face of nature in the human mirror”.


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