Marlands Islands Residencies

The Mediterranean Sea / Mare Nostrum

Marlands Islands Residencies

MARLANDS is a communicative space for the participating institutions, artists, researchers and the public united around the Mediterranean with a particular focus on the islands of the region. It is created for people to exchange their experiences, to motivate them to gain new knowledge, encourage them to conduct collective artistic work and recognize the uniqueness of the islands, as well as to spread this knowledge beyond the targeted area of these islands. This project aims to implement collaborations between arts and sciences through ecologically responsible practices of artistic production and exhibition, as well as scientific research to raise awareness across Europe of the environmental threats to the Mediterranean basin.

Conceived as an international art and science biennale, with 2022 as its first year, at the end of the residencies, artists’ collaborations with scientists are presented in a variety of different exhibitions, talks, workshops, and conferences, both on the partner islands themselves and throughout Europe.

Marlands researchers and artists with local artists and community members. During their time on-site, each artist created a prototype (original work) and a protocol (instructions for reproduction) of their artwork in collaboration with artists from their chosen island for assembly/activation on another island.

Artists participants:

  • Edgar Sarin
  • Lucy Orta
  • Max Fouchy
  • Olga Sabko
  • Klitsa Antoniou

Curators and Coordinators:

  • Elena Posokhova
  • Vince Briffa
  • Mariagrazia Pontorno

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