Venice Biennale (Exhibition)

The Mediterranean Sea / Mare Nostrum

Venice Biennale (Exhibition)

Maleth/ Haven/ Port- Heterotopias of Evocation, Malta Pavilion

■ Maleth/ Haven/ Port- Heterotopias of Evocation
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Venice Biennale

Participating Artists: Klitsa Antoniou / Vince Briffa/Trevor Borg
Catalogue Text: Gabriel Koureas (Among others)
Production Manager: George Lazoglou
Supported by Cut Contemporary Fine Arts Lab
Sponsored by Malta Arts Council

Bringing together artists from the Mediterranean, the core of the artworks proposed includes specially commissioned pieces engaging the audience to complementary semantic enquiries into the contemporary conditions of “homeness/(un) homeness” spreading beyond the predisposed mental notions of assigned tactile borders. Open to diverse readings and drawing from the tri-fold of histories, mythologies and expectations, the exhibition aims to create within the space a topos of artistic conversation for the whole of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond, inviting the audience to reflect on their own lifetime journey. Attuned with this year’s theme of the Venice Biennale 2019, as described by Ralph Rugoff, the Pavilion “will aim to welcome its public to an expansive experience of deep involvement... engaging visitors in a series of encounters.”

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