Mediterranean Islands Contemporary Art Biennale

The Mediterranean Sea / Mare Nostrum

Mediterranean Islands Contemporary Art Biennale

Marlands Project, co-funded by Creative Europe Program of the European Union, is formed by α community of Contemporary Artists and Scientists motivated to address cultural and ecological issues pertinent to the Mediterranean islands. Within the framework of this program, the first Biennale of Contemporary Art of Mediterranean Islands is presented.

Bringing together multiple partners (Catholic University of Valencia (Spain), Art Made Association (Spain-France), Spazju Kreattiv (Malta), Es Baluard Museu (Mallorca), Isola Catania and Tree (Sicily) Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus) and associated partners CSIC-IMEDEA (Mallorca), Legambiente (Sicily), Jardi Botanic Soller (Mallorca), TACA Foundation (Palma), Loop Festival (Spain) and 4Goodcause (Sicily)), the project aims to implement collaborations between arts and sciences and raise awareness on environmental and ecological concerns pertinent to the region. Marlands focus on the Mediterranean Islands will aim to uncover, show and contribute to the circulation and awareness of the islands’ issues, creating a collective and hybrid network.

By placing the role of scientific research, artistic creation and cultural exchange at the heart of its mission, the project further intends to strengthen and facilitate exchanges between the scientific and cultural actors and to revitalize the audiences’ participation. More specifically, by selecting distinguished artists and scientists who have created a significant and recognized work that corresponds to the theme of Marlands Project, it manages to develop an expanded interdisciplinary practice.

For the first edition selected artists are Edgar Sarin, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy, Olga Sabko, and Klitsa Antoniou. Following open calls, hybrid artists’ residencies and cross disciplinary collaborations between scientists, artists, crafts people and cultural makers, the outcomes are exhibited at the newly formed Mediterranean Islands Contemporary Art Biennale spreading on all selected islands. The exhibitions will be accompanied by talks, workshops, and conferences, both on the involved islands and throughout Europe. The project is curated and managed by Elena Posokhova.

Mediterranean Islands Contemporary Art Biennale takes place concurrently at parallel locations: Spazju Kreattiv, Valetta, Malta, Isola Catania, Catania, Sicily, TACA Studio, Palma and Mallorca and Es Baluard Museu, Palma, Mallorca, Spain.

1 December - 8 January, Edgar Sarin, Lucy Orta, Sheldon Saliba, Max Fouchy.
Spazju Kreattiv, Valetta, Malta. Co-curated by Vince Briffa

19 December - 30 December, Max Fouchy, Olga Sabko, Chloé Silbano, Rosa Borredá, Sheldon Saliba, Edgar Sarin.
Isola Catania, Catania, Sicily.
Co-curated by Mariagrazia Pontorno

10 January - 20 January, Olga Sabko, Lucy Orta, Max Fouchy.
TACA Studio, Palma, Mallorca

11 January - 15 January, Klitsa Antoniou,
Theatro Polis, NiMAC - Nicosia, Cyprus
Cyprus Project Coordinator Doros Polydorou
Supported by Art Seen Gallery and CYENS Centre of Excellence

With the following events:
20/12/2022 and 21/12/2022,
Es Baluard Museu, Palma, Mallorca, Spain.
Lucy Orta and Olga Sabko

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