About us

About Cut Contemporary Fine Arts Lab

Cut Contemporary Fine Arts Lab, initiated and launched in 2019 by Klitsa Antoniou, is an international interdisciplinary research group based at and supported by the Fine Arts Department of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Cut Contemporary Fine Arts Lab aims to support Experimental Art Practices and Theoretical Research within the context of current local/global/glocal geopolitical and social issues. It aims to achieve this by:

  • Exploring contemporary art and curatorial practices as forms of critical inquiry, social engagement and knowledge production focusing on the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
  • Promoting participatory arts and the political through transculturation, memory, embodiment, performance/performativity, and the senses.
  • Encouraging the collaboration and integration of theoretical academic research into contemporary and experimental artistic practices where knowledge is enacted, produced and shared.
  • Providing a forum for critical and theoretical engagement with contemporary art practices in Cyprus and its neighboring countries considering the cultural, historical, political and geographical specificity of the region and its shared pasts.

It aims to reach out to other national/international artists, curators and scholars working across disciplines and practices and to establish synergies with international partners through seminars, conferences, artistic and academic residencies as well as exhibitions.